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Has your Chronic Symptoms been Mis-Diagnosed?

Has your Chronic Symptoms been Mis-Diagnosed?


Author: Lydia Peru

You know something is wrong. You are tired far too often, and the pain you feel is constant. Your body temperature is off kilter as well. Is it the result of depression, or is the depression another symptom of some physical problem?

Diagnosing conditions and finding the proper treatment is not always easy. Many ailments have similar symptoms. Tests may show a rise in the body response to an infection, but cannot pinpoint the exact cause.

It seems logical that when properly diagnosed that an appropriate course of treatment will be given. In this perfect world scenario we also would find these disabling conditions magically cured. Welcome to the real world.

We dont always know the cause of our health issues. Many immune disorders present with similar symptoms. MS, for example, can be diagnosed by ruling out other conditions and seeing the progression of the disease. The cause of MS is still unknown. Treatment is still in the management and not the cure of this autoimmune condition.

Rheumatoid arthritis is another of the autoimmune conditions that falls in the classification of chronic disease. Additional autoimmune conditions include chronic fatigue, lupus, and fibromyalgia. All are diagnosed through a process of elimination rather than definitive proof.

Lyme disease is another of those multi-symptom diseases that shares symptoms with other autoimmune disorders. Lyme is known to be caused by borrelia bacteria, which is commonly transmitted by ticks, and may be more common than we think.

It is admitted that the diagnosis of chronic pain and fatigue related conditions is difficult. Even with an accurate diagnosis the treatment is not always effective. Over the years the commonly used and over prescribed antibiotics have lead to resistance, making treatment more difficult. It has become more widely accepted to turn to the unconventional treatments to find solutions.

Learn more aboutlyme disease, and the work in both traditional and alternative research to find a cure for this chronic condition. Can MMS, or Miracle Mineral Solution help us cure the underlying cause of Lyme disease?


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